GEAR UP celebrates College Application and Exploration Week

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West Virginia GEAR UP partnered with the College Foundation of West Virginia (CFWV) to host the state’s fifth annual College Application and Exploration Week from October 20 through 24! The following quotes, videos and photos offer a glimpse of the amazing activities that occurred during the week.  Be sure to also check out CFWV’s online scrapbook to see College Application and Exploration Week efforts in action across the state!


At first, I had mixed emotions about applying to college — nervous and excited! But being able to apply online with my friends was awesome!

– Anthony S., Scott High School

Lincoln County High School: College Application and Exploration Week Promo Video

News story: West Virginia MetroNews

Mingo Central students going to college

NEWTOWN, W.Va. – Seniors at Mingo Central High School will take part in the school’s annual college fair Wednesday after 91 percent of those seniors filled out college applications last week. The weeklong effort was part of the state Higher Education Policy Commission’s College Application and Exploration Week.

Mingo Central Social Studies teacher Debbie Butcher said they decided to have activities every day to make the college application process top of mind for students.

“If we were just to have one day then there’s not as much focus on it,” she said. “By including the activities that can include the whole school it shows not only the support of our seniors but it also opens the door to our underclassmen.”

Student Brittany Lester, one of the 147 seniors at Mingo Central, helped organize the activities and applied to West Virginia University.

“I believe that a lot of students have been introduced to options that they didn’t realize they had,” she said.

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Summers County High School: #WhyIChose photos

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I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to apply to college, because college is such a huge part of my future and I’m really excited to see where my path will lead. Thank you, CFWV for giving me the opportunity to fill out an application where I could have help and ask questions. I didn’t feel alone, which made the process less stressful!

– Bretta K., Scott High School


Webster County High School: WBOY News story on College Application and Exploration Week


I have been planning on filling out an application… But couldn’t find time to do it. I’m thankful we had time during College Application and Exploration Week to work on it.

– Lindsey C., Scott High School


Tug Valley High School: College Application and Exploration Week photos

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Tug Valley High School: #WhyIChose video


Oak Hill High School: College fair photos

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