Mentor Spotlight: Brianne Solomon

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Brianne Solomon poses with the fresh flowers her Student Success Society members gave her in honor of National #ThankYourMentor Day.

The Mindset

“Instead of my students worrying about if they can succeed, I want them to worry about when they will succeed.”

That was the response Brianne Solomon, a Student Success Society sponsor at Hannan High School, gave when she was asked what she wanted her group members to accomplish this year. This mindset can make all the difference in the world for a student who lacks the confidence or the motivation to set and achieve his or her goals.

The Role Model

“My mamaw had an incredible impact on my life. She was always there, no matter what I was doing, whether I lost or won. I cheered; I played in the band; I danced. Every time I scanned the crowd, she always locked eyes with me and blew me a kiss. When you know someone is going to be there and is so excited to see you, it does something special for your self-esteem and your drive to succeed.”

Mrs. Solomon’s determination to make sure her students feel this same level of support makes her an ideal candidate to be a Student Success Society sponsor. Because she knows how beneficial having a personal cheerleader can be, she chose to take the job whose description could read, a cheerleader to encourage action, celebrate success, and turn losses into lessons.

The Choice to Care

“[I chose to be a sponsor because] I love being able to see a different side to the kids. It’s also valuable to watch members of the Student Success Society grow and change, realizing they have someone who is definitely in their corner.”

And it’s clear her students sense how much she cares. When asked about a positive mentoring experience within her group, Mrs. Solomon cites an encounter with a student during which the student confessed that her life’s course was changed due to Mrs. Solomon’s continuous support and encouragement. Mrs. Solomon reflects that “there is no better feeling than that.”

The Mentor Spotlight

Because of Mrs. Solomon’s dedication to her students, she has been selected to be featured in this month’s Student Success Society Mentor Spotlight. We applaud your generously caring spirit, Mrs. Solomon!

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